20 April 2012

REVIEW : My Way (korean) 2012

"My Way", an epic war story based on true story. It is a story about friendship, hate, a little love and of course WAR . This movie runs for almost two and half hour and there's  a lot of epic battle scene. The effect of this film is fantastic (most expensive film in Korea) and very real but the storyline is too long. It's like watching LOTR where you really want to finish it (because it's a great movie) but it seems like there's no ending yet.

The other thing about this film is that this film is purely war. There is no love scene which is great, but there's no female actress. Pardon me, there are two actress but one of them is dead very early in the movie. And the other one is gone after a few scene. 

For a "war battle" film lovers, this is a great movie for them. But if you're just wanna watch casually with your GF/BF/family, this is not that movie. Once again i said, the plot is too long but it's great since it shows how small the world war really is. You need to watch  it to understand what i am saying.

So as a conclusion, i give 6/10....hehe

#just my opinion...